Grilling sauces and marinades

Ribs and chicken

A sweet and spicy flavour enhanced by molasses, brown sugar, garlic, pepper and Jamaican pepper. Excellent with pork and chicken.

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A marinade with typical Dijon mustard flavour and a hint of butter and lemon.

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Honey and Garlic

A delicate combination of honey and garlic enhanced with spices adding a delicious flavour to the meat.

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A rather elevated Asian sauce, with hints of ginger, soy, sugar and a touch of orange. It goes well with seafood, beef and pork.

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A marinade sauce with a sweet and tangy profile, enhanced with garlic, onion and pepper, bringing a tasty complement to your grilled meat.

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Three peppers

A rich blend of peppers to enhance the flavour of grilled meats.

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